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Red Lights

Larry Schroeder


Larry is the creative leader and brains behind his band Appeal To Authority! A Jacksonville-based American Progressive Metal band formed in 2020 by Larry Schroeder and Stan Martell. The band's unique blend of crushing riffs with complex arrangements, hard-hitting grooves, and aggressive prog-like elements is influenced by Tool, Megadeth, Dream Theater, and Gojira, among others. The energetic trio, which includes drummer Mark Nunnally, strives to push the boundaries using complex time signatures, technical rhythms, and heavy tones to create a versatile and unique sound. Currently, the band is recording a six-song EP at Martell AVP, Stan Martell's recording studio in Kingsland, Georgia.

Schroeder's School of Music is the ultimate destination for anyone looking to enhance their musical abilities. With Larry Schroeder, a highly skilled musician in vocals, guitars, and keys, at the helm this school is committed to providing top-notch education to its students. Larry's Jazz Performance Degree from the University of North Florida and a team of expert instructors ensure that you'll receive the best possible training to help you achieve your goals.

You don't want to miss out on the releases from Appeal to Authority's EP! Head over to their Spotify and YouTube pages now to discover their amazing new music!

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Appeal to Authority's Newest Release!!!

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