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Since 2005, Schroeder’s School of Music in Jacksonville, Florida, has been offering aspiring musicians music lessons, songwriting courses, and artist development programs to help them reach their full potential. Originally founded by Larry Schroeder, a graduate of the University of North Florida Jazz program, Schroeder’s guiding principle is that students learn best when they are taught by the best. That’s why all of our instructors are successful musicians with degrees from prestigious music programs.

We know from experience that you can’t succeed in music without a deep, abiding passion. That’s why we teach our students what they want to play. Whether it’s John Phillips Sousa or Jon Bon Jovi, our instructors want to help you play the music that moves you. You’ll get the same quality instruction you’d get in a stuffy conservatory, but you’ll be learning to play the music that you love in a laid-back, friendly environment. Our instructors were just like you, kids who dreamed of being musicians. They achieved their dreams, and now they’re here to help you achieve yours.

Of course, learning to play an instrument is only the first step on your road to musical stardom. That’s why we offer comprehensive songwriting and artist development services to give our students the best chance at succeeding in the ultra-competitive recording industry. We’ll help you figure out the look and sound that fits your personality and give you all the tools to express yourself as beautifully and effectively as possible.

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